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Ordering on account for healthcare providers

THUISZORGWINKEL.NL partners with many large healthcare organizations, municipalities and insurers. For these customers, it is possible to place an order on account.

Ways to order:

  1. You can order the items online through our website. Click bank transfer as the payment facility. We will then contact you about the processing and delivery time of the ordered products.
  2. You can place your order by phone by calling us at 073-5220518.
  3. You can place your order via email to info@thuiszorgwinkel.nl. In it, include your company information, your name and phone number, and a purchase number if applicable. If the shipping address is different, please state it clearly.

You will receive the invoice emailed to the billing address you provided once the order has been processed. We have a payment period of 30 days.

For the AGB Code, please go to our Reimbursements page.